September 07-08 2020. Online


Please pay attention that Moscow time is specified (GMT+03)

Day 1. September 7, Monday

10:00-11:30 Section 1. Opening/Plenary session. 2020: The industry in new conditions. How to go on?
The world will never be the same. What does this phrase mean to the professional members of the domain name registration market? A complete rethink of the approaches to providing stable and safe operations of the internet infrastructure is underway at international, regional and national levels. What are the domain registries and registrars focusing on? What lessons did the sector learn from the transition to remote working? How have the requirements to the multi-stakeholder model of internet governance in general and national domains in particular in our region changed?

Moderator: Andrei Vorobyev, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ


11:30-12:00 Break
12:00-13:30 Section 2. Internationalized Domain Names: Global and Regional Initiatives in Universal Acceptance
The origins of the internet date back over 40 years, and since then the internet user audience has expanded and transformed significantly: there are currently over 4.5 billion internet users in the world who speak different languages. The internationalization of the internet has led not only to the development of content in local languages, but also to the appearance of internationalized internet identifiers, such as domain names, email addresses and accounts. What are the prospects of reaching equal service of such identifiers on the internet? What initiatives on universal acceptance are currently being implemented at global and local levels? Who participates in these processes and how?

Moderator: Maria Kolesnikova, Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ Presentation


13:30-14:00 Break
14:00-15:30 Section 3. Regulations: Ablation? Coaxing? Salvation?
Participants in this section will discuss the main regulation trends in the region and their impact on the work of national top-level domains against the backdrop of global sectoral changes. Those taking part will share their ideas and proposals regarding the promotion of the dialogue between national domain registries and regulating authorities.  The audience will be able to come up with proposals on the matter.

Moderator: Leonid Todorov, APTLD

  • Arya Ulanov (Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation)
  • Shavkat Sabirov (Internet Association of Kazakhstan)
  • Dejan Đukić (RNIDS)
  • Polina Malaja (CENTR)
  • Grigori Saghyan (ISOC Armenia)
  • Iveta Skujina (NIC.LV)


Day 2. September 8, Tuesday

10:00-11:30 Section 4. Internet analytics with the use of DNS system
DNS is everywhere on the internet. It is present in almost all communication sessions regardless of protocol. Thus, DNS logging is a valuable source of data for information security specialists, DNS architects, market experts and analysts, as well as for holding social surveys. The media often calls data the oil of the 21st century. Is DNS data a small well this oil is coming from? How can this data be used? What practical benefits can a company working online receive by studying DNS data?

Moderators: Yelena Voronina, MSK-IX , Alexei Rogdev, TCI


11:30-12:00 Break
12:00-13:30 Section 5. DNS: The red lines
The issue of security on the net and counteracting the use of DNS for illegal purposes is becoming more pressing every year. What issues are in the competence of the registries, registrars and other members of the domain name ecosystem? What is being done now, and what can and should be done in the future? Who can and should counteract which developments? What new questions and challenges have appeared over the past year? Participants in this roundtable will share their opinions and experience on the subject matter.

Moderator: Mikhail Anisimov, ICANN

  • Irina Danelia (Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ) Presentation
  • James Galvin (Afilias) Presentation
  • Alexander Kalinin (Group IB)
  • Roland M. van Rijswijk-Deij (University of Twente) Presentation


13:30-15:00 Section 6. Domain dispute resolution and enforcement of court decisions

Moderator: Marina Rozhkova (Doctor of Law, Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law under the Government of the Russian Federation, IP CLUB)

Lawyers consider domain disputes difficult cases because the rights for a domain name are not regulated by any law directly, and when hearing these disputes the courts rely on laws regulating intellectual property and competition. However, domain disputes have other specific traits, too: special approaches to the examination of these cases as well as the execution of the court decisions. This will be the discussion topic for this section.
  • Gonzalo Bleda (WIPO) Presentation
  • Alexander Khristoforov (Gowling WLG) Presentation
  • Denis Kirichenko (RU-CENTER)
  • Sergey Kopylov (Coordination Center for TLD .RU/.РФ)
  • Roman Lukyanov (Semenov&Pevzner)
  • Charlotte Spencer (WIPO)


15:00-15:30 Summarizing